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Orthopedic insoles Worked out from soft-elastic material and consistent with special features of the foot, orthopedic insoles takes dynamic load and redistributes the pressure over the delicate zones of the feet, ensuring the comfort during the walking. Orthopedic insoles are used not only if the diagnosis is flat foot. They are used also if there is any pain, tension and discomfort in the feet, caused by intensive loading during sport, tourism, work, prolong immobilization in plaster and etc.

  • Preserve from feet deformation.
  • In case of cross and longitudinal flat foot.
  • In case of trauma and fracture of the feet.
  • In case of heel ache.
  • In case of strenuous and algetic feet.

How to measure the correct size for your foot?


Orthopedic insoles are designed for your foot, but not for your shoes. Many people wear bigger shoes than the size of their feet for different reasons. The soles of the imported shoes also don`t correspond to Bulgarian standard. Therefore, not to be disappointed with the effect of our product, you can determine the number of the adequate to you insole by yourself:



1.Outline your foot on the paper;

2.Measure the distance between the top of he finger and the end of the heel;

3.Compare your measure with the table:


Table for measure of the correct insoles size
Lengh of the foot ( mm ) Size of the orthopedic insole
218 – 231 33 – 34
232 – 244 35 – 36
245 – 257 37 – 38
258 – 271 39 – 40
272 – 284 41 – 42
285 – 297 43 – 44

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