Comfort A® – Orthopedic insoles


“Comfort A” Ltd. Pernik is the only Bulgarian producer of high-quality orthopedic products, which are on the market in our country and as well as in foreign parts.

  • Made from natural materials-rubber and cork.
  • Don`t contain health threatening matters.
  • Micro-porous structure of the material takes dynamic load, easing tension of the delicate zones of the feet.
  • Unique shape enables using in different shoes – elegant, sports and workshoes.
  • Pleasant softness for the skin.
  • Highly spontaneous and continued elasticily.
  • The technology of the manufacture ensures their exceptional solidity, enabling to be washed on 90 degrees.
  • Varied colors, depending on the orders.

Orthopedic insoles


Worked out from soft-elastic material and consistent with special features of the foot, orthopedic insoles takes dynamic load and redistributes the pressure over the delicate zones of the feet, ensuring the comfort during the walking.

Orthopedic insoles are used not only if the diagnosis is flat foot. They are used also if there is any pain, tension and discomfort in the feet, caused by intensive loading during sport, tourism, work, prolong immobilization in plaster and etc.


  • Preserve from feet deformation.
  • In case of cross and longitudinal flat foot.
  • In case of trauma and fracture of the feet.
  • In case of heel ache.
  • In case of strenuous and algetic feet.